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Encouragement for Beginners


Archery is a great sport for all ages.  If you are interested in membership, Phone the number at the bottom of this page.   It is a great way to spend your Sunday and you might just discover a new passion.  We can help with equipment , instruction and as much advice as you can stand.


If you are interested in becoming a member, phone


Darren Bowes

0415 749 826

Please note that we do not have efttpos facilities and all fees are cash only.


New and probationary shooters must commence  their shoot before noon.


    Club Bows

The club has bows and equipment that can be used by new members for a small charge. 

It is a good idea not to go out and buy a bow until you understand what sort of shooting you wish to do and get some advice on  what equipment would suit your needs best. 

Shoot A Round

Once you have the safety and rules under your belt and can consistently hit the target it is time to try your first shoot on a practice day. 


Ask for a committee member to accompany you on a round to show you the course and how the scoring works.


During your probationary period, you will need to shoot 3 rounds with a committee member, in order to be able to recommended for full membership..

Get Some Instruction

Start on the practice range with some safety instruction.

Learn about : Using equipment

                   : Technique and form

                   : Range Rules and Safety procedures


Before you know it you will be ready to shoot your first round with one of the committee members.

Choosing Equipment 

When you are ready to purchase your first bow, take the opportunity to talk to other members and committee members about what would suit your needs.

No bow is a bargain, if it will not do the job and continue to serve you well as you grow in strength and in skill level.


No Crossbows or Airbows are allowed.

For membership enquiries or bookings:
Darren m 0415 749 826  

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