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3D Club Trophies - A minimum of 3 shoots are required to qualify.  


Trophy Shoot Club Trophies - As for 3D (above)


Andrew Jeffers Memorial Shoot -  Does not contribute to your year's club score.


Trophies will only be awarded for one bowtype per person for 3D and one per person for Mixed


  • Shoot program subject to change as determined by the SFA Inc committee

  • HEAT RULE: The scheduled event will be cancelled where the anticipated temperature is 36 degrees or more as announced on the Friday night forecasts. Rescheduled for the following week.

  • The grounds are strictly closed on catastrophic fire days. (metro area) NO ENTRY.  NO EXCEPTIONS !

  • The club ranges, including the practice range, are closed on Saturdays preceding a competition shoot for course preparation.












Events for 2024
  • Feb 4th     3D Shoot
  • Feb 25th   Mixed Target Shoot
  • Mar 3rd    AGM
  • Mar 24th  3D  Shoot
  • Apr 21st   Mixed Target Shoot
  • May 19th  3D Shoot
  • Jun 16th   Mixed Target Shoot
  • July 7th   3D Shoot
  • Jul 28th    Mixed Target Shoot
  • Aug 11th   Andrew Jeffers Shoot
  • Aug 25th  3D Shoot
  • Sep 22nd  Mixed Target Shoot
  • Oct 20th   3D Shoot
  • Nov 10th   Mixed Target Shoot
  • Dec 1st     Club Christmas Shoot


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